GEOadvice: Geological and geotechnical engineering with rope access expertise.


Land Geotechnical Assessments

GEOadvice identifies the ground conditions and influencing factors that have led or could lead to ground movements at your site. GEOadvice then works with you to develop a solution that is most appropriate to your requirements. GEOadvice's projects include geotechnical assessments for consent applications, landslide and rockfall emergency response and remediation design, and feasibility studies.

Simple, Technical Advice

GEOadvice uses a combination of broad engineering knowledge, extensive practical field experience, and strong communication skills to bring simple and practical solutions
to the most complex geological and geotechnical engineering problems.

Roped Access Engineering

GEOadvice can access the ‘inaccessible’, safely perform engineering assessments at height on steep slopes and faces, and where appropriate recommends and designs remedial measures.

Construction Monitoring

GEOadvice makes sure that construction complies with approved designs, and addresses any arising problems in real time. Thorough construction monitoring optimises clients’ construction timeframe and avoids unnecessary costs. 

Project Coordination

GEOadvice can coordinate the input of the diversified work parties in a collaborative way for you. This helps to solve any unanticipated problems (no matter how complex)
and ensures high quality service delivery.

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