About Sigfrid Dupre, company director:

"It doesn't matter how hard it is to reach, my mission is to help you better understand your geotechnical and geological problems
- then help solve them."

The journey to becoming a
  geological and geotechnical expert in NZ...

  Sigfrid Dupre started to explore ‘applied geology’ and gained a degree in Nancy, France in 1999...
Work then led him through a wide range of geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological and geophysical activities throughout France, Italy and Germany. He eventually specialised in difficult access landslide and rockfall assessment and remediation in the French Alps using his industrial rope access training.

In 2004 he left his home country to work in New Caledonia. Starting on road construction projects, his skills were quickly utilised for supervising the extensive geotechnical ground investigation that was necessary for the construction of the ore dressing plant of Goro Nickel. After almost two years New Zealand called.

After a short while in the rope access industry in Hamilton, Sigfrid joined Connell Wagner (now Aurecon) in Auckland. Here he obtained a second degree in geotechnical engineering at the University of Auckland.

In 2011 beautiful Nelson called with a work opportunity from MWH. Work involved assessments of land movements in the Nelson Region and leading the geotechnical team on a project part of the recovery of Christchurch. After MWH and a short while with Cook Costello Consulting Engineers, Sigfrid realised that there was a gap in the market for independent engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers in the Nelson-Tasman region and decided to create GEOadvice Limited…

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